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street food of India

Locally Sourced × crafted with love 

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Khau Gallis (literally translated to eat streets) bristle with old-world charm. Stuck, somewhere between the 19th and 21st centuries, they have become the heart and soul of the City. Narrow, dingy and indelibly worn by the passage of time, they are the ultimate paradise for food lovers

There are a million hawkers in Bombay, and a multitude of Khau Gallis. About more than just the food though, and in a City whose inequality is often inescapable, they have brought together people from all walks of life. Paanwallas mingle with politicians. Students, film stars and feared gundas queue for pau bhaji special and lovers meet to hold hands, but never kiss. The masalas are exquisite and Indian pop music blares on rusted speakers.

Welcome to our Bombay Street Kitchen. A humble tribute to Indian street food and the Khau Gallis, that remain, an essential part of the fabric of life in India.



02 9660 3726


University Hall, Corner of Glebe Point Road and Parramatta Road, Glebe 2037


Lunch: Wed-Sat 12pm-3pm

Dinner: Tue-Sun 5.30pm onwards




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 In India we are particularly good at feasting together. Values of family and community are very important in Indian culture, and it is a commonly held belief that sharing a meal brings people together and helps strengthen ties. After all, a family that dines together stays together. 

Our Feasts are designed to be shared amongst large groups and to satisfy even the most gluttonous of appetites. Guests will get plentiful portions of the listed dishes, however in the unlikely event you run out of Rice, Naan, Raita or
Sweet Mango Chutney you only need ask. 


All bookings of 8 or more must choose from one of our Communal Feasts. We serve our Communal Feast menu only to groups of 8+, as delivering individual dishes to groups of this size may result in unacceptable waiting times. (At the discretion of the kitchen, and on a group-by-group basis, we would be happy to discuss and customize any of the feasts below to suit particular requirements)